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Since 2013 Bar-B, Burgers ‘N’ beer has been serving its first burger in Amsterdam.

Bar-B is one of a kind by using fresh ingredients from different continents we assure you we will serve you the burger of your dreams.

Its uniqueness lies in the way they prepare their burgers they press their own patties therefor they can serve you burgers of different kind of weights from 150 grams to 2 kilograms!

Like that is not enough Burgers ‘N’ Beer gives you the option to create your own burger, you may consider yourself the chef when you are having your meal at Bar-B!

It is never crazy enough in Bar-B, with building your own burger sheet consisting over 10 patty’s (including vegetarian), 20 toppings, and 10 sauces you can make it your burger to your likings. Double burger, triple burger everything is possible!

You might think this must be it, but Burgers ‘N’ Beer never stops, with their capacity of over 160 seats, back area with over 90 seats,  and beer pumps attached to your tables they allow you to pour your own beer.

Great service and food!!
Really flexible and they can handle all kinds of special wishes!​

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